“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Andrew Carnegie

The “Us” in ETHNUS

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Industry Experts
A shared vision drives the Ethnus team and our partners.
We live and breathe innovation. Change-makers, doing transformative work, we aim to
make a difference in peoples’ lives. And the difference we make starts with our people.

As a Team We Value


We ideate and execute innovative learning that challenges the status quo.


We don’t care about being there first; we care about being the best.


We take pride in creating and having fun together.


We are focused on the result, the impact, and the value we create.


We form bonds that allow us to align to a shared vision and do our best work.

O Captains! Our Captains!

This maverick trio built an organisation that thrives on innovation, creativity, collaboration, fearlessness, and quality. With their strengths, they form a formidable leadership team that has steered Ethnus beyond the boundaries of conventional training and skilling, taking us from success to success.


Founder aka The Powerhouse

Enterprising. Brilliant during
crises. A people person.


Co-Founder aka The Go-getter

Meticulous. Master organiser. Gets things done.


Co-Founder aka The Perfectionist

Product Leader. Quality-focused. Process-oriented.

Why Work with Ethnus?

Here’s what our team has to say


My biggest learning in Ethnus is that we need to upgrade to grow in our life

James Christy

Vice President - Campus Relations

10 years with Ethnus

Venkata Karthik

You can unlock your potential and make a meaningful impact with Ethnus, where diversity drives innovation

Venkata Karthik

Project Manager

6 years with Ethnus

Shyam Kumar

Ethnus has a well-maintained work-life balance, allowing us to maintain our home life while focusing on our career at the same time

Shyam Kumar

Project Manager

6 years with Ethnus

Ramya Selvaraj1

At Ethnus, being part of projects that make a big difference really excites me and brings me happiness.

Ramya Selvaraj

Project Co-ordinator

6 years with Ethnus

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