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At Ethnus, our students get more than a job and financial freedom. We guarantee proficiency in emerging technologies, creating opportunities. We promise a fulfilling career.
We train students, close skill gaps, transform businesses, and empower India

From the Desk of Our Founder

India is on the brink of technological transformation. We are a young country with the potential to be a research and development hub for emerging technologies. The question is, how can we maximise this potential? How do we upskill youth to take up this challenge? How do we help them achieve mastery over skills that guarantee an extraordinary career?"
Big aspirations need the right approach and methodology. The college-to-career transition needs a mindset change. Students must seek the guidance they need to build the proper foundation for their careers. At Ethnus, our mission is to drive this change through training and skilling. We help students realise their dreams to lead India to uncharted growth.

Emerging technologies will be the bedrock of our growth, with Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning leading the way. Skilled youth are key to making this growth a reality and transforming India into an economic superpower.

Moulded by Our Mentors

By being transparent about the principle values that helped them establish a global multi-billion dollar company, Mr Nilekani and Mr Murthy lit the light that guides us to date. What they said has stayed with us.
Ethnus is a people-first organisation that values integrity, quality, and delivery on promises above all else.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane.

Explore Our Journey To Date.

Ethnus was born

Expanded to 5 States in India

Reached the distinct milestone of mentoring over 5 lakh students

Winners of Elevate 100

Empanelled by MHRD; Became Authorised Training Partners of AWS, Oracle, and EC-Council

Empanelled by NASSCOM FutureSkills

‚Äč2021 and beyond : Pioneering skill development in emerging technologies in India

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